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How is Airplane Paint different?

Airplane paint is different in a few big ways:

When it comes to painting a helicopter, everything must pop out. The design must be perfect and the paint application flawless. Its actually very hard to cheat on a helicopter because its always up close and personal. Flaws and imperfections stand out more and more when your closer to the aircraft. But the plan changes a bit when it comes to airplanes.

On Airplanes, what would be the most you would see of an airplane at one time? Usually the door as you approach it (subject to change from other types of airplanes.). With an airplane, usually its seen when its mid-flight, hundreds of feet in the air. When its that far, the most we see are the advertisements on the tail of the plane. This part is loosely detailed, often having few details you need to focus on or can just be a series of words. This is usually to spread the paint budget throughout the whole aircraft, with most detail being paid to the area around the door.

The design also has to be good enough though for those on foot. When your in an airport terminal, you can planely see the airplanes as they wait for loading, so the design can't be lacking in the up close department. However, that's still dozens of feet away, rarely you'll be up close. This is not to discredit paint facilities that work on Airplanes, but it is still different than painting a helicopter.

Helicopters are seen up close at all times by the pilots and whatever customers their shuttling around. Anything that's off can not only be seen as tacky, but also effect performance. Next time your in line for an airplane, take a closer look at the paint job on it. You may notice something.

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