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Call Today: (702) 953-8809

Hours: 8am-5pm PST M-Fri

Helicopter Paint Facility in Nevada, specifically Boulder City

There's a Helicopter Paint Facility in Nevada...

And they are doing the best they can to get your restoration project done for an affordable cost. Heli-Paint Nevada tries to stay on top of all FAA Regulations at all times, ensuring no one is flying with out of regulation paint or equipment. Their teams fast turn around time still maintains quality, but minimizes AOG. From the friendly agents that handle your quotes to the team of painters handling the project itself, your aircraft is in capable hands.

We work all types of aircraft, ranging from passenger airplanes to a helicopter, we treat all projects with the same mentality: 'minimize cost while maximizing quality'. We'll help you with your design, finding one that fits your company perfectly, work with you through implementing it properly as well as decals and serials so that they stand out against your bold new design, and ensuring that what is done is not only good for your helicopter, but also for the environment.

Heli-Paint is also joining the online arena, our new site lets us make quotes online and speed up the contact you have from our agents. As well as, it is a great platform for us to show off recent projects so you may have but a sample of our work. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter posting about our new methods and projects as well as our online blog.

Let our years of Expertise, work for you!

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