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Call Today: (702) 953-8809

Hours: 8am-5pm PST M-Fri

Heli Paint is an aircraft paint facility in Nevada

How we stand out as the best aircraft paint facility in Nevada

First and foremost, we wouldn't stand out without our star team of painters, led by our master painter Jason. For customer satisfaction, he believes that its best to keep costs low and quality high, resulting in affordable restoration projects that clients love. We work out of our hangar in Boulder City, Nevada, working on many aircraft restoration projects. You can often find Jason working on an aircraft, or finding a way to keep paint looking well, but still within FAA regulations. We refuse to let anyone be out of regulation just because of a cut corner, and we'll do our best to keep you in the air, but be safe about it. All of our paints are cleared to work around the world, and our mixes have always been made with the environment in mind. We also keep in mind the performance of the aircraft, so that you have a great presentation on your aircraft that's not too heavy, clear of deformations, and eco-friendly. As one of the few aircraft paint facility in Nevada, we feel we must do our best to stand out, and let our work speak for itself.

How to start?

We are always welcoming new projects into our hangar, so the best way would be to call us at 1-702-953-8809, or by filling out our contact form, or submitting your quote request and we would contact you when it's completed. From there, you'll be in contact with our team of skilled agents who will make sure that our methods fall within your budget, and explain the details on what is needed and what recommended changes might benefit your project. Maybe a new decal would be nice, or a metal decal instead of a plastic one. Or, maybe a complete change of the helicopter's design itself. Whatever it may be, we'll be able to make it happen. Let our years of expertise work for you!

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