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Heat getting you down? Helicopter painting can bring you up!

Heat getting you down? Helicopter painting can bring you up!

Helicopter painting is no small feat, especially in the summer heat, but did you know that heat damage can occur at any time during the year?

Frequently we see paint damage at any time, especially in the areas past the exhaust cowlings.  As I’m sure you’re aware, the exhaust is almost instantly pushed onto the back of the air-frame and more specifically the tail boom with the main rotor blade wash, carrying the brunt of the caustic damage.  Soot is another major area of concern with turbine engines, as once the fuel and oil mix, it is funneled through the turbine, and hot, burnt oil lands directly on the tail.  Resins get baked right out of the composites potentially creating cracks and stress.  Now is the time for our experienced, in-house helicopter painting and maintenance facility to keep you safe as well as pretty!  

So whether you fly in a staggering 117 degrees heat such as here in the Mojave Desert, (help!!) or a cool 79 degrees in Ontario, Canada, helicopter painting and maintenance are vital to the longevity and safety of your flying vessel.  Whether helicopters or fixed winged vessels are your flying specialty, we at Heli-Paint Nevada are ready to provide top notch artistry,  unsurpassed attention to detail and state of the art craftsmanship.   Our team of professionals are skilled and precise in handling the removal, inspection and re-installation of major and smaller helicopter parts so contact us today for your free consultation! 

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