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With our master team of painter's, we revitalize most types of aircraft and rotorcraft while also sticking with FAA regulations. We ensure that every project is cost effective, done correctly, and safe for the environment as well. We are at the airfield in Boulder City and will provide a quote on your Helicopter Paint project, or rotorcraft paint, or even just a simple airplane, just contact us to find out more.

From our dedication to supply our customers with the best possible experience, right down to our practices and skilled members, we aim to provide clear cut service every day. And we meet and beat that goal every day. We work with customers to provide affordable services that gets their project finished without breaking the bank. Our members actively ensure that they are trained on all forms of codes and regulations to ensure that the customer has no fear of flying with out of regulation equipment. Additionally, we strive every day to stand out against other companies that may cut corners, and let our years of expertise speak for itself.


Master Painter /
Who is he?

Francisco has been painting aircraft for over 10 years, turning out multiple pieces of flying art that now pepper the skies throughout the USA and South America.  He never gives up and can visualize your custom design and make it one with your aircraft. Francisco is passionate about his craft and considers further education an integral part of helping make his client’s projects the very best it can be. Francisco ensures that he and his crew maintain their training, and drug & alcohol requirements keeping their customer’s safe from the ever-changing FAA EPA, and OSHA regulations.  Francisco has always maintained the highest integrity in understanding what he calls "the high/low needs of his clients”.   As he puts it… “the hi-lo principle keeps your costs, weight, & time low, while keeping the standards, safety, and quality high…”.  he explains, “it is as simple as that”.  Customer satisfaction is paramount and Francisco will ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.  See why people keep coming back.

We service most types of aircraft

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